Tom Campbell: Virtual Reality; Why Should I Care?


If you understand the consequences of Virtual Reality, your life can improve positively! Thomas W Campbell, physicist and author of My Big TOE, a theory of everything, delivers this positive message for you for 2018.

2018 is the 20th anniversary of his conclusion that we are living in a Virtual Reality.Virtual Reality makes profound statements of our purpose and mission here in this reality. Virtual Reality supports Consciousness as fundamental.

  • In a Virtual Reality, you as Consciousness are immortal.
  • This Virtual Reality exists for your evolution and growth.
  • Virtual Reality supports spirituality and the existence of a higher aware intelligence.
  • Virtual reality solves the mysteries of physics.

This short video clip is for sharing and raising awareness for Tom’s physics experiments.These experiments will, if the results are as Tom predicts, furnish further evidence that we are living in a Virtual Reality.


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