Tom Campbell: Two Different Views of Virtual Reality


Many now think we are living in a virtual reality. Tom Campbell states that “If we are living in a virtual reality, then our consciousness must exist in some other reality.” It would seem that many, even those who are supporters of virtual reality do not fully comprehend the nature of virtual reality…the logic of a virtual reality…what makes a virtual reality virtual.

Many who support the notion of our universe being a virtual reality, do not wish to give up their belief in local materialism (consciousness is created by the brain) even though the two concepts are logically incompatible because there is no way for a computed virtual brain to create consciousness. The “hard problem” of consciousness is hard because it is logically impossible. Yes, one day computers will have a form of consciousness, but that is only because an IUOC from the LCS will be playing them as silicon (or whatever) based avatars rather than the usual carbon based avatars. Neuroscientist, Dr Donald Hoffman, in his TED Talk states, “There is no brain!” The question of conscious computers is also discussed in this interview. IUOC- Individuated unit of consciousness LCS- Larger Consciousness System Contact MBT Events to ask how you can help to get Tom’s physics experiments conducted!


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