Tom Campbell: Intuition in the Big Picture


Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE, comments on intuition in the big picture, how it fits into his theory, and how those with these special gifts might evolve their skills.

We were fortunate to have questions and insights from some very well known and respected intuitives from across the USA and Canada.

Thank you to:

Marla Frees

Hillary Raimo

Laurie Huston

Using strong left brain logical process, and equally strong right brain intuitive skills, Tom Campbell has been able to derive a Big Theory of Everything in his book My Big TOE.

The very nature of a Big TOE is that it must include everything. Science that explains psychic phenomena as well as physics, metaphysics, philosophy, theology, and more.

Mainstream scientists are stuck looking for that one “elegant equation” (Stephen Hawking) that will give them a unified theory of everything. They are looking for an answer in our physical rule set. Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

You won’t find many physicists whose work has included risk analysis of large complex systems for NASA, as well as exploration research of the larger consciousness system. Working at both jobs for the past forty years, he discovered the “other” Edward Fredkin was referring to when asked where is the computer if we are in a computer simulation?

LCS-larger consciousness system (some may think of this as God)


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