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Extract from Streetwise Spiritualism : The only sustainable way forward?

To really understand consciousness you have to feel it, and here comes the crutch of the matter. If awareness uses the intellect, i.e. the brain, consciousness is about feeling it – feeling it in the heart. Physically a short distance from awareness but a massive journey in understanding.

So if awareness is an intellectual knowing, an understanding, why when we are aware of negative behaviour, don’t we change it?

Now that’s a complicated question, ask any addict. The mother of answers to this conundrum is that we have not felt the true depths of the problem in our hearts. Our heart is no doubt our ‘wisest’ organ. When we act from it we become the answer, the solution, and we stop ‘being’ the problem. Being conscious is therefore a knowing, deep from within the heart.

This is somewhat ironic bearing in mind we relate consciousness to the brain. I suggest that consciousness is what connects us all within a unified field, who’s ‘signal’ is received by the brain and message is felt in the heart.


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