The Patrick Event : Bob Monroe


The Patrick Event

Exciting experiences are described by Rosalind A.McKnight in her 2 books, I found this info very appropriate: it’s about the retrieval process and it was done together with Robert Monroe:

From the book: “Cosmic Journeys” 1999 by Rosalind A. McKnight

In the text, in the process of testing the Hemi-Sync consciousness experience:

RAM is Robert A. Monroe
ROMC is Rosalind A. McKnight’s dense body

The event came as a surprise to Bob and two unsuspecting Gateway participants. The session took place in the training facility on the New Land because the new lab was not yet completed. Gateway training was in session, but we slipped into a CHEC Unit during the afternoon break. Two participants remained in their CHEC Units for the break and experienced the whole session, because Bob forgot to shut off the sound system. The session was so powerful that it blew out the wiring of the CHEC Unit that I was using and the two beside it. We got through the session, but before the units could be used again, they had to be completely rewired. Why this electrical anomaly happened, none of us knew. It was as strange as our car batteries going dead. Perhaps the technology the Invisible Helpers use is so much more powerful than our electronic systems that it simply blows ours out during particularly powerful sessions such as that of “beaming someone in on a strong light ray” as happened that day. Melissa Jager – the talented director of training at the Institute for over seven years, who had contributed so much to the development and success of the Gateway training program was in the Control Room with Bob during the session. When the Invisible Helpers told Bob that they were going to send a “lost soul” into my energies on a light beam, Melissa reported that Bob sat staring at the microphone with his mouth open and unable to speak! In spite of the Invisibles’ references to the situation of earthbound spirits around our planet, such as discussed in the previous chapter, Bob did not understand the technology of how such beings could be brought through me, and he was concerned for my welfare. The helpers assured Bob they knew what they were doing, and that he simply had to trust the and let the experience happen. Bob finally accepted their assurances, and the remarkable “rescue” session began – known thereafter as “The Patrick Event.” This exploratory session was so striking and instructive that Bob began to use it regularly in the Gateway programs, usually playing the audiotape of the session in the middle of the week’s schedule. The Gateway participants often had unusual experiences of great variety following the presentation of the Patrick Event tape. The transcript of the Patrick session follows. It began casually enough – before taking a dramatic turn.


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