Solar micro-grid project, Dharnai Village, India


Dharnai live

Using 21st century technology to take (clean and beautifully dressed) people out of dark age living conditions.


Since Blackpool (good old Lancs!)  in 1879 became the first municipality in the world to have electric street lighting it has taken 130 years of innovation to find the same solution for the poorest of the world municipalities.

Greenpeace India and partners BASIX and CEED launch a solar-powered micro-grid in Dharnai village, Bihar, India, that could be a game-changing model for bringing reliable energy to millions around the world. The people of Dharnai village used to have a facility supplied by the state Government which provided electricity. This infrastructure hasn’t been available for the last 33 years and diesel generators have been the only source of electricity. Development of solar power micro grid to electrify the entire village brings new hope for its inhabitants.

In September 2014, CNN International featured Dharnai Live project in their show ‘Connect the World – TransFORMation section’.

Greenpeace India campaigner, Abhishek Pratap chats with Sumnima Udas of CNN, highlighting the project, how the model is replicable and how Dharnai has transformed since it got access to energy.

Dharnai is a small village in the district of Jehanabad, Bihar eastern state of India. For almost 30 years, Dharnai did no have electricity. Greenpeace India facilitated the installation of a decentralised solar microgrid. It provides electricity to more than 2,400 people, 450 households and 50 commercial establishments, including two schools, a training centre and a primary healthcare centre. 100 kW micro-grid: includes 70 kW for electricity generation for the community, and 30 kW for 10 solar-powered water-pumping systems of three horsepower each


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