How Did Tom Campbell Develop a Big Picture Theory of Everything ?


How does a physicist and consciousness researcher develop a big picture theory of everything?

Well, you start at the top, of course! Consciousness.

At the US Space and Rocket Center workshop (October 2014), Tom delivered a logical Bottom Up, Top Down analysis of why you need to start with consciousness.

The fact that consciousness was known to be the fundamental reality 100 years ago, seems to have eluded most physicists today.

In this video, the various unique qualifications Tom has are highlighted, and it hopes to show exactly why he is the right person, in the right place, at the right time to develop a big picture theory of everything!

A little more information about his background and early years than most have discovered is presented here to further illustrate his experience in consciousness exploration.

First and foremost a scientist, he has documented thousands of hours of explorations in consciousness over 40 years through repeatable experiments.

We have had great physicists, and we have had great consciousness explorers, but we have never had both, until now. Tom’s website Tom’s event website

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