Dr. Tanya Maté | Ayahuasca Integration



Dr. Tanya Maté is a naturopathic doctor and is the daughter-in-law of our past guest, Dr. Gabor Maté.

She is currently working with a shamanic healing centre near Iquitos, Peru called The Temple of the Way of Light. Her role is the director of integration and she helps people who participate within the deep personal work, facilitated by plant medicine that is centred around Ayahuasca, integrate their experiences back into “normal” life.

Tanya is deeply committed to helping people uncover whatever is at the root of their psycho-emotional or physical condition chronic, and helping them find passion, freedom, and vitality in life. Using a trauma-informed approach that has been heavily influenced by her training with her father-in-law, Dr. Gabor Maté, Tanya spends as much of her life as possible in and around the medicine.


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