Do we live in a Virtual Reality? Is it time to let the genie out?


KICKSTARTER Help get the genie out the bottle !

Dear Friends

Greater Awareness and Higher Consciousness are two of my hobbies!  Waking up and growing up is a ‘looong’ process so journeying happily is a good goal. I have met some great characters along the way and made some dear new friends.

The person who has significantly shifted my way of thinking is as big an oxymoron as you will ever find.

 This is because Tom Campbell is a mystical nuclear scientist. He is possibly the greatest living expert on consciousness. His Big TOE (theory of everything) is unique.

 Tom has just created a KICKSTART campaign to fund experiments to begin the paradigm shift of all shifts. His mission is to prove scientifically that we do indeed live within a virtual reality!

 Why is this important? Once this theory can be proven and not scientifically rebuffed we will start finding new solutions to our global problems, the ones materialism has not, and never will, find.. Change is coming and once this ‘genie’ is released nothing will ever be the same.  IT’S THAT BIG!!

 This is your chance to participate in this historical event for as little as $10. There is just 24 hours and counting to go. The initial goal has been achieved to start half the experiments, now the goal is to double the amount  to complete them all.

 I warmly recommend that  you join Tom in helping make history!

 Love and gratitude to you all.





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