Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell: Physics, Biology, and Love



Physics and biology are talking the same thing these days! Two brilliant minds are together again for a discussion of the nature of our reality, with a bright and beautiful host! A winner!

There is a great connection between Tom Campbell and Bruce Lipton. We are both “on the same sheet of music” says Tom.

Love is the conclusion of both of these scientists’ decades of research. And that is good news for the world!

Dr Bruce Lipton is a vibrant, generous and caring individual who has expressed respect for Tom’s work and how well it fits with his own extensive research in biology and beyond.

Bruce says of Tom, “his words are wonderful truth.”

It’s time for a bigger picture, and many scientists are now on board with Tom’s MBT theory!

Want world peace?

As Tom has said here and many times, “The world is a reflection of us.” A peaceful solution begins with the individual’s journey.


‘Scientific’ based Mantra for starting Meditation


Being more than my physical body, I am an individuated unit of consciousness having a human experience using the avatar (your name)

As a participant within a larger consciousness system evolving to lower its entropy, my purpose is to grow, evolve and be unconditional love.

My intention is to raise my quality of being, living a life that reflects the world I would like to experience through love, gratitude and the dissolution of ego.

As well as living a fulfilled life I am grateful for any information, guidance or healing that the larger consciousness system can facilitate me to allow our partnership to flourish and move ever closer to our common purpose.