Jeremy Rifkin – The Empathic Civilisation – Understanding the rise of consciousness through technology


Jeremy Rifkin’s ground breaking work explains how technology has helped raise human consciousness for thousands of years. The question today is can humanity ‘grow up’ in line with the exponential advances in technology? Here’s three options on listening to his work depending the time you have today.


This is a complete lecture on The Empathic Civilisation. It takes 20 minutes to get going but is worth the build up.

This is a shorter version of the lecture.


How to Smoke a Joint


Taking Off is a 1971 film comedy. It was Czech director Miloš Forman’s first American film. It tells the story of a group of parents whose children have run away from home. The parents take the opportunity to rediscover their youth.

It features a number of set pieces, including an open-mic record label audition which is woven throughout the film, featuring a number of female singers (including a young Carly Simon and an acoustic ballad by a then-unknown Kathy Bates) performing old standards, folk ballads, and rock songs; a meeting in which a group of generally middle-class conservative parents are taught how to smoke marijuana; and a raucous game of strip poker played by the adults.

How to Smoke a Joint from Nima on Vimeo.

It was written by Forman in collaboration with John Guare, along with Jean-Claude Carriere and John Klein.
Part of the movie also takes place at a Tina Turner concert.