The Mirror of the Spirit Ayahuasca Documentary


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“João Meirinhos created a compelling and sublime documentary that reaffirms the power of the world’s greatest traditional medicine, ayahuasca. Assembling an impressive cast of traditional practitioners, aficionados and western converts, ‘Mirror of the Spirit’ bubbles like the brew itself to reveal the essence of the ayahuasca experience. And, like the ayahuasca vine, it entwines the viewer with an authentic and compelling message that is hard to resist.
Grounded in strong ethnographic roots, ‘Mirror of the Spirit’ captures the spirit of this eclectic mix of contributors all of whom have been transformed by the power of the medicine in a myriad different ways. Once again we are reminded that the message of ayahuasca is more relevant today than at any point in our history.”

Gavin Searle

Research questions:

- Why are, nowadays, mostly foreigners interested in going through the harsh processes of shamanic initiation?
- Do Western and Amazonian shamans share the same cosmological views about the possibility of life after death?
- Has the replacement of religious beliefs for science, reason and capital left a metaphysical void in modern societies?

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With the academic and technical support from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology / University of Manchester.
Many thanks to all the Kickstarter campaign backers, especially Associate Producer Lily Spencer.
Dedicated to the inspiring memory of Pablo Amaringo and Terence McKenna.
World Premiere at the World Ayahuasca Conference 2014 in Ibiza.
All sound and images were collected during fieldwork.


Terence McKenna – Unfolding The Stone


Magical words from Terence Mckenna

Required listening for our current time and circumstances.A most profound and relevant talk of the late Terence McKenna, A one of its kind remastered lecture, with improved sound quality, and breathtaking scenery. Be sure to take part, by liking, sharing, commenting, spreading the wisdom of Terence McKenna.

“Dark as the hour may appear, in reality we exist in a dimension of greater opportunity, greater freedom, greater possibility than has ever been. The challenge then is to not drop the ball”


Documentary Sacred Science


Sacred Science demonstrates the physical and phycological healing qualities of   Ayahuasca and San Pedro, as well as other Amazonian vegetation. We see how sacred plants recognize our own  individualism, producing very personal healing solutions. For one gentleman his healing comes too late however his final days find him in peace. The plants can provide both ‘physical miracles’ i.e. not explainable by science, as well as dramatic phycological shifts that would otherwise take years to resolve.  All in a short period of time.

A magical insight into how health is a manifestation of quality of being, our thoughts, both conscious and sub conscious, and how certain plants can physically heal as well as psychologically resolve thought patterns that can be so destructive to our lives!

Such healing is not for everybody however I suggest that ‘yourbody’ is at least conscious of its  possibilities, and aware of first hand experiences….


RESUME  Looking for a new prescription for serious illness? Take eight intrepid patients, add a team of indigenous medicine men and shamans, and mix for 30 days in the Peruvian Amazon. Suffering from conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to prostate cancer to diabetes, these patients are motivated by a commitment to heal naturally and sheer desperation to end their suffering. Immersed in nature, silence and solitude, shamanic medicine ceremonies open them to the emotional and psychological issues underlying their dis-ease. The experienced shamans mindfully harvest and prepare specific remedies for their patients, with treatments that include healing songs and spiritual counsel. Entering the heart of healing in the heart of the Amazon, we find that saving the rainforest really does mean saving ourselves.


FOX NEWS ! Psychoactive Amazonian medicine gaining popularity, may treat health disorders


In the great Amazon rainforest, native people have long used a large array of psychoactive medicinal agents, from frog secretions to potent snuffs, to various items that can be smoked, applied to skin, or otherwise ingested.

Among these agents, the best-known of all is ayahuasca, a fluid potion. Also known as “La Medicina” (The Medicine), ayahuasca is a combinatory preparation, made from the pounded vines of Banisteropsis caapi, and the leaves of Psyhcotria viridis. Large quantities of both are placed into a pot with a large amount of water, and the entire potion is boiled down, until the remaining fluid is thick, bitter, a bit oily, and sadly quite nasty to the taste. Continue……