J. KRISHNAMURTI “Totally Absolutely Without Conflict” [2/4]



“Our consciousness has been programmed for thousands and thousands of years and we have been conditioned, programmed, wired…to be, to think as individuals. To think as separate entities struggling, struggling conflict — from the moment you’re born until you die. We are programmed to it. We have accepted that. We have never challenged it, we have never asked, if it possible to live a life totally, absolutely without conflict.”

“And the religious organizations throughout the world have maintained this individual salvation. And we are questioning very seriously whether there is an individual consciousness. Whether you as a human consciousness have a separate consciousness from the rest of mankind. You have to answer this. You can not just play with it. My consciousness and yours; if we’ve been brought up, programmed conditioned to the individual then my consciousness is all this activities of thought. Fear is thought…”

The suffering, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the deep regrets, wounds, the burden of centuries of sorrow is part of thought. Thought is responsible for all this.


Man wakes up from coma able to speak an entirely different language


The Week

It can take some people several years to master a new language, but for Ben McMahon, it just took being in a coma.

McMahon, a native of Melbourne, Australia, does not remember being in the accident that left him in a coma for more than a week. When he woke up he was able to speak almost perfect Mandarin Chinese, which amazed his parents. McMahon had taken Mandarin in high school, but says he was nowhere near proficient enough to speak fluently.

For the first few days after regaining consciousness, McMahon could only write and speak in Mandarin, and it took a few days for him to be able to comprehend English again. Taking advantage of his new language skills, McMahon at one time hosted a Chinese television show, and has since moved to Shanghai. Continued………