Knowledge attained can be valuable when taken from objective information  influenced by our personal judgment, however the deepest truths of our reality come not from this knowledge or the conditioning of society, teachers or preachers  but from our own higher consciousness.         S Griffin

After researching (GATV) it became evident that the massive subject matter was just a small piece to an infinitely larger picture. Due to the  indelible way they affect our lives the subject matters in GATV are vital to comprehend,  however there exists an all important ‘piece’ that elevates us to view & better comprehend our ‘reality’ ; consciousness and our understanding of it. is another part of this piece.

Despite being unclear as to the exact meaning of consciousness whilst researching www.greaterawareness.tvintuition dictated an inner message that the definitive answers to life on earth would be found in uncovering its full comprehension.  

Synchronicity plays a leading role in the development of our lives. As we align to universal energy, the answers we look for appear to turn up out of the blue, until we realise they had always been turning up but, like a defective radio, we had simply not been picking up their signals.

A personal moment of synchronicity came when Thomas Campbell,  a recognised EXPERT on consciousness gave a lecture literally on my doorstep, a film of which is included on this site. His theories are initially  difficult to understand however instinctively I knew I would, and that when this day arrived it would change everything. I was not disappointed, and whilst conducting further research, for, I have raised my own game significantly.

This site will combine my experiences along my road to higher consciousness, with the realisation that we are not human beings having spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having human experiences.

”We are  whatever  we feel in any given moment.”

The understanding  that will determine the quality of our feelings is whether we believe in the simultaneous duality of goodness & evil, brightness & darkness, rich & poor, right and wrong, etc. or we are conscious that bad, dark and poor exists when love, light & abundance is lacking.  S Griffin

The difference is subtle but massive

Einstein stated: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

Modern society teaches us through parenting, schooling, religion, TV, etc. that there is ‘good’ behaviour and ’bad’ behaviour, and that bad deeds are the work of bad people, and lead to ‘bad consequences, and that good deeds create good outcomes. As a result we conclude that there are good people and there are bad people in the world. Of course the nature of the good and bad has been determined by our ‘teachers, not by us.’

Once we venture out into the world with these viewpoints we use them to judge the behaviour and circumstances of others, and they influence our beliefs as to what is good and bad for ourselves and for those we have charge over.

This duality  process of what is considered good and bad in society starts at home, then school, through to religion, served up by 24 hour world media coverage,  and is then carried into adulthood through our peers; they themselves having gone through the same process. It reinforces the subsequent ‘duals’ created by those with power, to first define a ‘problem’, and then create the necessary fear that make the subsequent  violent solutions more ‘palatable’ .

These circumstances provide the belief that we live in a hostile world, as opposed to a friendly world where love is sometimes missing. They create a ‘them and us’ mentality manifesting our EGO. Beliefs that will greatly reduce our ability to lead fulfilled lives. 

As a result we believe we are independent beings who are not connected to our source, and in doing so start worrying about what others think of us; I.e. we become what others think of us, whether it be their opinions about our jobs, our dress sense, our children, husband or wife, the amount of money we have; and they even have opinions about our opinions and the things we talk about.

Such a belief simply sets us up for disappointment. After all who are we, when we lose that great job, wonderful wife, or we have no money and cannot afford to keep up with our peers?  With these beliefs along with losses beyond our control such as the death of a loved one, we are truly aboard life’s inhuman roller coaster.

So strap up tightly everybody as the extremes between the highs and the lows of your ride will be determined by your understanding of consciousness and what you really are! (And aren’t)


So if duality splits an issue into two opposing sides, preventing compassionate and intelligent understanding, while encouraging conflict & violence what is the alternative?

Polarity is the alternative, and is realised when we can experience two sides of an issue as being resonating and interconnected.  By using the trivium i.e. grammatical reasoning,  our consequent understanding can allow us to envisage greater dimensions & enhance our ability  to arrive at balanced conclusions.  When we focus on ideas without exploring both sides, our understanding falters and we reinforce the duality.  Choosing a side (i.e., either side), leads to anger and fear which interferes with the connection to subtle consciousness.

One of our greatest challenges is to expand our understanding of polar concepts.  From a grounded state, we are empowered to see the interconnection of opposing forces without having to take sides.  If one is  balanced and processing ones own actions we can attract new possibilities into our lives from the frequencies we radiate.


One example of this split mentality is “Judeo-Christianity versus Islam”.  While Islam is overwhelmingly viewed as a negative force (aka, duality) many are seeking to understand both sides (aka, polarity).  Pursuing understanding results in consciousness and intelligence, while promoting empathy and sharing deeply.

As long as we feed into the dualistic view of world and humanity, we reinforce it and inhibit our spiritual growth.  When we embrace a polar view of the world, we are able to employ the best of both sides.

Science has made massive advances in understanding consciousness, guiding us on a path of enlightenment as to who and what we are. Through the understanding of the unified field we understand that the foundation of the universe, the forces of nature, are all one, they are ripples on a single ocean of existence. A unified non materialistic field called consciousness. A field of unity and polarity not separated through duality. A field that connects us all to each other and our source.

Each day the solutions we seek to take  earth to the next thriving level are becoming self evident,  these new deep thruth’s are out there ready to be accepted.

It is time to raise our consciousness and be enlightened



9 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Connected with our site thru YouTube. I really like it, have bookmarked it and will come back and visit. I am an energy healer and enjoy exploring the science/spirituality that supports what I do and the way I want tolive my life. Your site is perfect for me. It’s rare I find a like minded soul. Some energy healers can be a liitle flakey or even somewhat fanatic. Eventhough I love them just the way they are, I like a scientific explanation for what I do. Many Blessings, Joyce

  2. Finally, the latent knowledge of centuries is being made manifest.
    Great! You are GURU !
    The Sanskrit meaning of GURU is ‘The person .who leads others from darkness to light’.
    To the GURU, I bow !

    • If my work can help anyone move from the darkness to light I will be happy…thanks for the kind words

  3. I was once a dedicated student of the knowledge of life, I am a bereavement counsellor and enjoy my work immensely, I feel I help people with struggles in life dealing with loss. Ten years ago I felt I was at a point in my life where a door had opened and I was privy to great inner awareness and knowledge of life and the universe, many experiences came my way some quite extraordinary. Then through an emotional personal tragedy the door closed in my face, I was numb for many years but 2 – 3 years ago I have slowly began to seek again although I’m not getting the energy I did before sometimes the numbness within me still interfers with my desire to return to the lessons I found so rewarding. It’s like something inside me saying don’t bother, don’t believe. I would really like if someone could help point me in the right direction again so I can continue where I left off all those years again and truly find within me the belief I once felt!

    • Hi Letitia, there are some amazing people out there that have gone through such troughs just waiting too be found. Keep searching, they will appear and when they do the experiences will help you step up to the next level.

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